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Your appointment is a learning experience for both of us, I spend all my effort tuning into your body’s intimate needs, this requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling like a satisfied "Rock Star"  and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your erotic needs.

I also offer erotic text/sexting sessions if this interests you - $50 for 30 minutes.  I have Cashapp, Paypal & Venmo.


Mild & Relaxed


Wild & Passionate


Extreme - BDSM & Fetish

Relaxing & Comfortable Stress Reliever

I want you to find the experience to be holistic. Mental satisfaction & physical satisfaction are all tied up together in a complete experience. It isn't about touching here or touching there or doing things in this order or that order, or this position or that position, this act or that act, it is about the whole experience.  You will leave our time together feeling satisfied, complete and longing for our next encounter.

Starting at $300 hr

Exploring Your Appetite & Disregarding Normalcy

It is Physical, it is Mind Blowing, it is like a Drug.  It's when you feel as if you can do or say anything.  Conversely- it's when we both babble insanities & nonsense or cry out.  It's when I call you God & I mean it.  Not some power in the universe - my extreme lover.  You're a God to me in that moment.  We make each other feel alive.  When it's over, you concede it was mind blowing & exhausting!  You’re hungry, You’re tired.  You can't think straight.  It's worth it.  You love it.  You begged for it, you leave wanting more.  It's when you say whatever you feel & damned the consequences - because you really feel alive & it's OK.

Starting at $400 hr

Wondering Into The Dark Woods Where Only The Adventurous Go

There’s no denying that exploring how the human body works & what it can tolerate, what brings it to its edge, can lead to some intense pleasure.  As cliched as it may be, the brain, is in fact, the largest erogenous zone – BDSM & Fetish sessions are about stimulating that zone.  I know this may conjure up images of bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance, & submission, but most BDSM & Fetish experiences are about exploring those acts that provide an endorphin rush to your largest erogenous zone, the brain.  There is a word for the state of an extremely aroused brain after consensual kinky play: “Subspace”, often described as a “floaty” or “flying” feeling.  Come “FLY” with me!!

Starting at $500 hr


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